Preposition - Part 1

Preposition Definition, Example, Explanation and Exercise with answer


        A preposition is a word placed before a noun, pronoun to indicate its relation with another word within the same sentence. (They link nouns and pronouns with other words).  The word which is used to indicate the place, time, direction and etc.

        The most frequently used preposition of our day-to-day life. Such as in, on, at, for, by, from, to, since, of, after, before, near, under, with, about, above, below and etc.

Let us see some preposition with an example :

  • in -  It is used as both place preposition and time preposition.
            Example:  The ball is in the basket.
            The preposition 'in' tells that the ball is inside the basket, which is the preposition that indicates the place of the ball.

            Example:  My cousin's sister will visit India in August.

            The preposition 'in' tells that the time of her visit. 

  • after -  It is used as a time and place preposition.

            Example:  Our chief minister comes to Chennai after June.

            The preposition 'after' tells that the arrival time of our CM. 

            Example:  Number 58 comes after the number 57.

            The preposition 'after' explain the position of the number 58 in the above sentence.

  • on -  It also indicates the place and time.
            Example:  The pen is on the table.
            The preposition 'on' express the position of the pen.

            Example:  She meets her friend on  Monday.

            The preposition 'on' express the time of her meeting with her friend.

  • at - It indicates both place and time.
            Example:  She sleeps at her home.

            The preposition 'at' tells the place of the where she is sleeping.

            Example:  The function started at 6.30.p.m.

            The preposition 'at' tells that the function starting time.

  • by -  It indicates the time and noun. 
            Example:  She will meet you by 6'o clock.

            The preposition 'by' express the time of her meeting.

            Example:  The letter was written by him.

            The preposition 'by' express the noun him in this sentence.

 Exercise Questions:

        1.  The sweet box is _____ the table.
             Answer: on

        2.  Our School Principal arrange PTA _____ December.

              Answer: after

        3.  Raju will meet me ____ 5.30.p.m.

             Answer: at

        4.  Seetha involved herself ___ the School Sports day competition.

             Answer: in

        5.  He built his hut ___ the side of the lake.

            Answer: by  


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