Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries for Web Development


Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries for Web Development


     JavaScript most powerful also simple programming language, It has lots of frameworks & libraries.

     Here we gone see some of the most popular frameworks and libraries.

1) React JS


   - React JS Popular JavaScript Libraries.


   - React JS is a free and open-source JavaScript library. 


   - React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.


   - React is declarative and component-based & unidirectional.


   - We can create simple also complex UI single-page applications with react.


   - React js have inbuild state management. It helps to manage the state for each page.


   - React will efficiently update and render just the right components when your data changes.


   - React js have context API, Effects, higher-order component, render props API makes react js more strong.


   - React is render on the server-side. With the help of NodeJS also we can create a powerful hybrid mobile application using react-native.


   - React js have life cycle methods to know the status of the component and perform an action.


Learn more about React on

2) Angular


    - Angular is Popular JavaScript Frameworks.


    - Angular is a free and open-source web application framework maintained by Google and by a community of individuals and corporations. 

    Note: Angular is completely rewritten by the angular js team. 


   - Angular is completed based on type-script. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript.


   - Angular is an MVC framework and two-way data-binding. It helps update the model value from view and controller.


   - Angular providing boilerplate with an organized folder structure. It helps to maintain the folder structure.


   - Angular providing Routing, HttpClient, Service, Pipes, Interceptors, Gaurd, Rxjs, etc.


   - Rxjs is a library for reactive programming using Observables. it makes angular become more powerful.


   - Angular has life cycle methods to know the status of the component and perform an action.


   - We can develop a hybrid mobile application using angular with the help of Ionic.


Learn more about Angular on

3) Node JS


   - Nodejs is a free and open-source and cross-platform back-end javascript run time. it runs on the V8 engine. It helps to run the javascript code outside a web browser.


   - Node.js is created to build scalable network applications

Nodejs is event-driven servers, single thread, and non-blocking IO. it helps to run the application asynchronously.


   - We can build web applications and API services and microservices using node js.


   - Node js have Http Module, File System, URL Module, Event, File Upload, Email and etc..., to manage the HTTP server, file, email, and so on.

   - NPM is a package manager for Node.js


   - NPM has more than 1000 packages for Nodejs, it delivers more power to Nodejs become most popular.


   - Node Js have a lot of frameworks to develop micro-services and web applications.


   - Express JS is one of the most popular node js frameworks. It helps to create web applications using pub template, also we can create microservice with express js.


Learn more about node js on:  


4) Vue JS

   - Vue Js is a free and open-source front-end popular JavaScript Framework.


   - Vue Js lightweight compares to react and angular.


   - Vue Js was created by Evan You (former employee of Google). and maintained by him and team members.


   - Vue Js uses model–view–view-model design pattern, which helps to develop single-page applications.


   - Vue allows extending HTML with HTML attributes called directives.


   - Vue Js providing build-in directives allows the user to create their own user-defined directives.


   - Vue also providing a router to navigate between pages in the application.


   - Vue Providing two-way data-binding.


   - Vue has life cycle methods to know the status of the component and perform an action.


Learn more about Vue JS on


5) Polymer


   - Polymer is a free and open-source popular JavaScript library.


   - Polymer is used to develop web applications using Web Components.


   - Polymer was created by google developers and contributors on GitHub.


   - Polymer gives cross-browser compatible applications along with the web components.


   - Polymer js have both one-way and two-way data binding and also providing a command-line interface to manage the project.


   - We can create a PWA (Progressive Web Application) application by using polymer js.


Learn more about polymer on:

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