When we speak in any languages we make a short pause of fluent speaking.  We need some gap between speaking one sentence to another sentences.  At the same time when we write a sentence we indicate the pauses by the help of some intonation called punctuation marks.

Let us see some punctuation marks :



          Name of the Punctuations



  Full Stop





















  Inverted Commas(quotation marks)

     (‘’ or “”)



    ( ___ )




Explanation for Punctuation Mark :

    1.  Full Stop (.)

                      Full stop is used at the end of sentence to complete the statement which is meaning full or to separate the compound sentences. It is also used to make abbreviations.

Example :
  • I play cricket daily.
  • Ravi complete his homework. He plays on the street.
  • M.A. and M.Sc., and etc.
    2.   Comma (,)

                    Comma is used to separate the words of the sentence and also used before the inverted commas of a direct speech.

    Example :
  • Mary Kom, an Indian Boxer.
  • He said to her, "who is your father? "

    3.  Semi - colon (;)

                    Semi-colon is used for longer pause than comma of the sentence or to separate the clauses of a compound sentences.

    Example :
  • Let's go to the park; there are so many of playing areas.
  • The cow is fat; and also it is old.

    4.  Colon (:)

                    Colon is used to the longer pause of the sentence than semi-colon and also used before example and explanations.

  • Becon says : "Reading make a man perfect."
  • Gandhiji says : "Do or Die."
    5.  Question Marks  (?)

                    Question marks is used at every end of the direct questions.

    Example :
  • Where did you go ?
  • What is your hobby ?
    6.  Exclamatory Mark (!)

                    Exclamation mark is used after phrases and sentence which is expressing the emotions and feelings, wishes.

    Example :
  • Alas! India wins the match of world cup.
  • Hurrah! I lost my wallet.
    7.  Inverted Commas("" or '')

                    Inverted commas are used in direct speech.

    Example :
  • Mani said to Ganesh, "I went to New Delhi last week."
  • Kumar said to Kamala," I got the job."
    8.  Apostrophe (')

                    Apostrophe is used to indicate the possessiveness of nouns and indefinite pronouns.
    Example :
  • I can't do this work.
  • We'll go to beach at this weekend.
    9.  Dash ( __ )

                    The dash is used to indicate an abrupt stop or change of thought.

    Example :
  • I swear to you __ this is the last time, I'm giving money to you.
  • Food is also a medicine.
                                    __  Agathiyar.

    10.  Hyphen(-)

                    The hyphen is used between the large Number or figures and also used to connect the compound words.

    Example :
  • My Mother - in - law is very kind person.
  • Passer - by
The uses of Capital Letters :
  • Used to begin the statement.
  • to indicate proper noun.
  • personal pronoun. 

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