Why JavaScript most popular ?

Why JavaScript most popular ?

    JavaScript is a simple, flexible program language. Initially used as a client-side scripting language. It can modify the HTML, CSS dynamically. 
    It is a high-level and interceptor program language that conforms to the ECMAScript specification.



  1. weakly data-type
  2. object orient
  3. prototype-based object-orientation
  4. dynamic type
  5. multi-paradigm
  6. Imperative and structured 


What did we do with JavaScript?


Website and web application :

    There are a lot of libraries and frameworks are developed from JavaScript.


    Most Popular Libraries:


    • React JS
    • jQuery
    • Angular JS
    • Underscore JS
    • loadsh
    • D3.js
    • Glimmer.js


    Most Popular Frameworks

    • Angular JS 
    • Angular
    • Vue JS

Mobile Application :


    We can develop a mobile application using JavaScript and its frameworks (Angular / React / Vue);


    Here some frameworks:

    • Cordova & Phone gap 
    • Ionic 
    • React Native
    • Vue Native


Desktop GUI Application :


    We have an electron JS framework it helps to create desktop-based GUI applications.

Backend & API Service :


    Here Nodejs help to create API service, microservice for mobile and web applications.



Conclusion :


      JavaScript is a multipurpose language, we do anything with JavaScript that why it is most popular.



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