OWASP Web Application Security Risks That Every Developer Should Know

OWASP Web Application Security Risks That Every Developer Should Know

Who is OWASP? 


    - OWASP - Open Web Application Security Project.

    - OWASP is a non-profit foundation it is working to improve the security of software.

    - OWASP has hundreds of local chapters and more than ten thousand members worldwide.




    - In this blog, I will share web application security risks that every developer should know.

    - Anyone can build a web application, but coming to security is a big question mark. 

    - So we should avoid these security risks while developing web applications.

Let's see the top 5 security risks :


1)Security Misconfiguration


    - Security misconfiguration is the most usually seen issue in web applications.

The most security misconfiguration problem comes from using default configurations in your applications.

    - Most of the misconfiguration is happening in HTTP headers, open cloud storage, and verbose error messages including sensitive information and more.

Not only require all OS, frameworks, libraries, (npm, yarn) packages, third-party packages and applications are securely configured but they should be updated in a time.

2)Cross-Site Scripting XSS 


    - Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS) defects happen whenever an application attaches anonymous data to a new web page without proper access.

    - Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS) also happens in existing web pages.

    - That data create HTML, Javascript file in the web page, that scripts allow attackers to steal your session data, modify your web pages or redirect the users to unauthorized web sites.

3)Insecure De-serialization


    - Insecure de-serialization allows attackers to do remote code execution.

    - If de-serialization does not allow to execute the remote code execution.

    - They allow attackers to perform injection attacks, user privilege escalation, and more.

4)Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities


    - Components with Known Vulnerabilities are related to packages, libraries, frameworks, third-party modules.

    - Above mentioned things running in the same privileges in the application.so It allows an attacker to take over full application permission and stealing sensitive information from your applications.

    - It allows an attacker to perform various attacker in the application.

5)Insufficient Logging & Monitoring


    - Insufficient logging monitoring, linked with missing or inadequate integration with occurrence response.

    - It permits attackers to extra attack in the systems, has pivoted to more systems, and tamper, extract, or erase data.

    - Most crime investigations show time to identify a crime is over 200 days, typically identified by outside parties rather than inside processes or monitoring.



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