Web Application Security Risks that Every Developer Must Know - Part 1

Web Application Security Risks that Every Developer Must Know

    - In this topic, I will share web application security risks that every developer should know.

    - Anyone can build a web application, but coming to security is a big question mark. 

    - So we should avoid these security risks while developing web applications.

Let's see the top 5 security risks :




    - Injection or SQL Injection happens when untrusted data send to an API service or interpreter as part of a command or query. 

    - The attacker will execute a query to accessing data without proper authorization.

    - These injection attacks are possible in SQL, NoSQL, OS, and LDAP queries.

2)Broken Authentication


    - The Broken authentication is related to session storage and authentication.

    - This attack will happen developers to misconfigure the authentication and session, allowing attackers to steal the passwords, keys, or session tokens.


3)Sensitive Data Exposure


    - Sensitive Data Exposure is related to data storage.

    - Many web applications and APIs are not protecting sensitive information like passwords, bank information, credit card information, and more.

    - Most of the application sensitive data is stored in plain text format or encrypting data without salting, lead attackers to steal the user's credit card information and more.

4)XML External Entities (XXE)


    - XML External Entities (XXE) is related to XML.

    - Many older or poorly configured XML processors evaluate outside entity sources inside XML documents. 

    - The Outside things can be used to publish inner files using the file URI handler, regional file shares, internal port scanning, remote code execution, and denial of service attacks.


5)Broken Access Control


    - Broken Access Control related to user roles.

    - The Broken Access Control Restrictions on what authenticated users are allowed to do are regularly not properly implemented.

    - The attacker can exploit these defects to access unauthorized functions and data such as access other user's accounts, view sensitive files, or modify or delete other user information, change user access or delete all users.

If you need more details about Web Application Security Risks comment.

I think this information is helpful to you.


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